About us

What if we truly worked as a team?

At work, of course, but also on projects that take up our daily lives: family, roommates, friends… basically all the subjects on which you are organiser in chief, when it would be so much simpler to co-organise!

Share responsibilities and delegate better.

We believe that this is a simple way to save a few hours and find the peace of mind that so often eludes us. It is also a way to cultivate independence, solidarity and initiative… and to discover that those around us are not lacking in these traits!

Organisation is dead, Long live Co-Organisation!

Inspiring interviews with co-organisers, good tips from professional delegators, and also a little humour when it comes to our everyday organisational struggles; this is what we are offering you on Let’s Coorganiz!

Why not write to us to tell us about you, to inspire us, and above all to share! Because that’s what this is all about!